Unemployment Compensation Tax System Replacement

Employers Can Now Self-Service Their Unemployment Tax Liabilities

Advocate was selected to provide Independent Verification and Validation (“IV&V”) services for a full life cycle system development by replacing the existing State of Ohio unemployment tax system with the Employer Resource Information Center (“ERIC”). The Ohio Unemployment Compensation Tax (“UC Tax”) leadership team sought to implement a modernized system for processing unemployment compensation taxes in a self-service model serving over 230,000 active Ohio employers and processing over $1 billion in tax revenues per year.

Key Solutions included:

  • Advocate was engaged to assist with the requirements gathering, solicitation support, and IV&V aspects of the project
  • Under senior Advocate leadership with a team of certified project managers, IV&V specialists, and experienced technical specialists, Advocate provided daily oversight including project management, vendor deliverable assessment, and monitoring of test results and quality assurance efforts
  • Advocate worked closely with the vendor to improve project management capabilities and trained the vendor staff to improve the quality of written deliverables and effectively monitoring progress to goals creating greater productivity
  • The IV&V approach was critical to the success of the project, to ensure the original scope was achieved and assist the agency in avoiding multiple change requests

Outcomes of the Advocate efforts included:

  • Improved state visibility into project details and risks allowing for effective risk mitigation
  • Improvement in quality ensuring defects were properly reported and categorized
  • Requirements traceability spanning initial requirements through test verification
  • Significant reduction in costs related to averting change orders
  • Cost savings from software vendor negotiations
  • Successfully getting a troubled project into production and delivering self-service capability to employers